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rfid introduction

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology will open up an increasing share of the market in the future as a result of consistent development of contactless identification systems as well as an increased need for companies to leverage on the advantages of RFID to lower operating cost and improve customer satisfaction.......... [more]   Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)  is an extremely powerful and cost effective technology that allows a wide range of objects (including people) to be identified, tracked and managed. RFID technology is based on the use of small radio tags or transponders and readers/encoders for connection to an information system.......... [more]
Effective inventory and production process management are vitally important to every industry. Radio frequency identification systems can help boost productivity by automating the traceability of information and input of new data..........[more]   RFID technology will give your products and company an identity. RFID can give your company the competitive edge ..........[more]
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