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RFID Australia is vendor independent. Having a strong relationship with leading suppliers of RFID and GPS/GSM systems around the world puts us in the unique position to provide you with solutions based on technology that fulfils your exact requirements.

Not only do we have the necessary partnership with hardware suppliers, we also provide turnkey solutions as well as customised systems, developed by our own team in here Australia.

Detailed analyses followed by financially viable solutions together with realistic implementation schedules is our business. Of course - project management and co-ordinating subcontractors is part of our offerings as well. We take care of what we do best, while you take care of your business.

Consultancy & Project Management


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RFID systems are becoming commodity items, having been around for more than a decade now. Recent developments and a strong drive towards international standards makes the technology more affordable. Today's applications vary from access control systems to animal tagging, however asset tracking and supply chain managment are emerging as the dominating applications.


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Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVL) and Mobile Data Terminals, combined with our State-of-the-Art GIS system TrackView®, is one of our main product lines . Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) based on our technology is our business. We also offer GPS/GSM Solutions for monitoring and controlling other mobile and stationary objects. You need components  for GPS/GSM systems such as combined GPS/GSM antennas, antennas for base station or desktop GSM modems?

Contact us at info@rfid-australia.com. We will be able to supply you with the right products for your specific needs.

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