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To download the following brochures in a printable format please go to our download page.



General Brochure RFID Australia and product offerings



Online Brochures on Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Technology

Have you heard of RFID yet? Do you want to take advantage of this technology to achieve competitive advantage and lower operating cost? If the answer is YES, click on our online brochure below, which we have prepared for our business partners and clients. It will give you a good overview of RFID technology and how RFID Australia can help you develop exciting, innovative and advance solutions based on your needs. You can print them out for your perusal or alternatively use them online.


Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVL)

We supply both the hardware and the software for complete Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVL). Our system is easy to setup, economical and reliable. If you want a cost-effective solution download the brochures below and contact us for a demonstration!


StreamLine V - The Ultimate RFID Pre-cast Component Management System

Having trouble managing your pre-cast plant? Wasting too much time and labour? Reduce your operation cost by up to 30% using the latest radio frequency identification technology and our powerful StreamLine V software. Our proven system has been implemented and used by major pre-cast component manufacturing companies both in Singapore and around the region. Let us show you how to "StreamLine" your plant with our powerful and economical solution. Download the brochures below and contact us immediately for a demonstration.


RFID Person-On-Board and Person Management/Tracking System

This radio frequency identification system is used by major Oil and Gas companies to manage and track their employees on board oilrigs. This is important, as these companies need to evacuate their staff in case of an emergency. The system can also be effectively deployed in industrial companies for staff management and tracking. The system includes radio frequency identification tags for each employee and an easy-to-use software application. Download the brochures below for more information.

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